Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Green Party

The Greens are making much of the fact they are planning on running 308 candidates, but how many of them are actually running full on the ground campaigns?

It only takes a couple of hundred volunteers and a $50k to run a full fledged local campaign.   Very much something that is within the reach of anyone that works hard and is well organized.   Beyond Elizabeth May and Adrianne Carr, I am hard pressed to see where else there are Greens working hard in this election to get elected.

I suspect the major reason there is no national Green leader tour is that there are virtually no places where there is a real campaign on the ground.   I look at the website and it is all about the leader and very little about anyone else.  There is no sense of a team.   Very few candidates seem to have websites, the party seems to be very weak in social media etc......

The more I look at the Green Party of Canada, the more it looks like a large house of paper candidates that exist to give status to the leader and to make sure the party continues to live off government funding.

I would love to know about Green candidates that have full campaign teams and will spend some decent money, like Andrew Lewis did in Saanich Gulf Islands in the past.

I suspect this election is the last hurrah for the federal Green party.  After the obvious happens and no one gets elected, the party will fall apart and May will accept an offer to join the Liberals.
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