Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The full list of the 201 candidates running in BC

I am reasonably certain I have some typos and errors in this post, but it is what is done at the moment.   I am still tracking down the last few websites for candidates.

Edward Fast Conservative - sitting MP since 2006
David MacKay CPC ML

British Columbia - Southern Interior
Alex Atamanenko NDP - sitting MP since 2006
Byran Hunt Green
Stephen Hill Conservative
Shan Lavell Liberal

Burnaby - Douglas
Lewis Clarke Dahlby Libertarian
George Gidora Communist 
Ronald Leung Conservative
Ken Chang Low Liberal
Brian Sproule CPC ML

Burnaby - New Westminster
Gareth Evans Liberal
Paul Forseth Conservative - MP from 1993 - 2006
Peter Julian NDP - sitting since 2004
Carrie-Ann Mclaren Green
Tyler Pierce Libertarian
Joseph Theriault CPC ML

Cariboo - Prince George
Dick Harris Conservative - sitting MP since 1993
Heidi Redl Green
Jon Ronan Independent
Henry Thiessen Christian Heritage
Jordan Turner Rhino

Chilliwack - Fraser Canyon
Clive Edwards Western Block
Diane Janzen Liberal
Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell CPC ML
Marc Strahl Conservative

Delta - Richmond East
Alan Beesley Liberal
Kerry Lynne Findlay Conservative
Jeff Monds Libertarian
John Shavluk Independent 

Esquimalt - Juan de Fuca
Troy DeSouza Conservative
Louis James Lesosky Independent
Chris Porter Canadian Action Party - Party Leader
Lillian Szpak Liberal

Fleetwood - Port Kells
Pam Dhanoa Liberal
Nina Grewal Conservative - sitting MP since 2004
Alex Joehl Libertarian
Alan Saldanha Green - dropped by party and not running due to comments in the media, but name will be on the ballot

Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo
Christopher Kempling Christian Heritage
Cathy Mcleod Consservative - sitting MP since 2008
Murray Todd Liberal

Kelowna – Lake Country
Ron Cannan Conservative - sitting MP since 2006
Kris Stewart Liberal

Kootenay – Columbia
Brent Bush Independent - was the NDP candidate in 2004 and 2006
Bill Green Green
David Wilks Conservative

Piotr Majkowski NDP - he looks very young
Craig Nobbs Pirate
Mark Warawa Conservative - sitting MP since 2004

Nanaimo – Alberni
Barbara Biley CPC ML
James Lunny Conservative - sitting MP since 2000
Renee Miller Liberal
Jesse Schroeder Pirate
Frank Wagner Christian Heritage

Nanaimo – Cowichan
Jean Crowder NDP - sitting MP since 2004
Jack East CPC ML
Brian Fillmore Liberal
John Koury Conservative

New Westminster – Coquitlam
Diana Dilworth Conservative
Fin Donnelly NDP - sitting MP since 2010
Ken Lee Liberal
Roland Verrier CPC ML

Newton – North Delta
Suhk Dhaliwal Liberal - sitting MP since 2006
Mani Fallon Conservative
Ravi Gill Independent
Sam Hammond Communist
Liz Walker Green

North Vancouver
Nick Jones Independent
Andrew Saxton Conservative - sitting MP since 2008

Okanagan – Coquihalla
Dan Albas Conservative
John Kidder Liberal
Dietrich Wittel Independent

Okanagan – Shuswap
Greig Crockett Green
Janna Francis Liberal
Nikki Inouye NDP
Colin Mayes Conservative - sitting MP since 2006

Pitt Meadows – Maple Ridge – Mission
Randy Kamp Conservative - sitting MP since 2004
Peter Tam Green

Port Moody – Westwood – Port Coquitlam
Paul Geddes Libertarian
Kevin Kim Green
Stewart McGillivray Liberal
James Moore Conservative - sitting MP since 2000

Prince George – Peace River
Lois Boone NDP - BC NDP MLA 1986-2001
Jeremy Cote Pirate
Ben Levine Liberal
Bob Zimmer Conservative

Joe Peschisolido Liberal - MP from 2000 to 2004, elected as a Canadian Alliance MP
Alice Wong Conservative - sitting MP since 2008

Saanich – Gulf Islands
Gary Lunn Conservative - sitting MP since 1997
Elizabeth May Green - leader of the Green Party

Skeena – Bulkley Valley
Maggie Braun Canadian Action Party
Nathan Cullen NDP - sitting MP since 2004
Clay Harmon Conservative
Rod Taylor Christian Heritage
Kyle Warwick Liberal

South Surrey – White Rock – Cloverdale
Kevin Peter Donohoe Independent
David Hawkins Independent
Russ Hiebert Conservative - sitting MP since 2004
Aart Looye Independent
Brian Marlatt Progressive Canadian
Mike Schouten Christian Heritage
Hardy Staub Liberal

Surrey North
Norris Barens Libertarian
Dona Cadman Conservative - sitting MP since 2008
Kevin Pielak Christian Heritage
Jamie Scott Independent

Vancouver Centre
Adriane Carr Green - former BC Green leader
Jennifer Clarke Conservative
John Clarke Libertarian
Hedy Fry Liberal - sitting MP since 1993
Michael Huenefeld Progressive Canadian

Vancouver East
Roma Ahi Liberal
Libby Davies NDP - sitting MP since 1997
Anne Jamieson CPC ML
Irene Yatco Conservative

Vancouver Island North
Jason Draper Independent
John Duncan Conservative - sitting MP 1993-2006 and since 2008
Mike Holland Liberal
Frank Marton CPC ML
Sue Moen Green

Vancouver Kingsway
Kimbal Cariou Communist
Don Davies NDP - sitting MP since 2008
Matt Kadioglu Libertarian
Angie Nguyen Conservative
Donna Petersen CPC ML
Wendy Yuan Liberal

Vancouver Quadra
Deborah Meredith Conservative
Joyce Murray Liberal - sitting MP since 2008, BC Liberal MLA 2001-2005

Vancouver South
Charles Boylan CPC ML
Ujjal Dosanjh Liberal - sitting MP since 2006, BC NDP MLA 1991-2001, Premier 2000-2001
Wai Young Conservative

Patrick Hunt Conservative - Nova Scotia PC MLA 1978-1981
Denise Savoie NDP - sitting MP since 2006

West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country
Tunya Audain Libertarian
Carol Lee Chapman CPC ML
Doug Hartt Canadian Action Party
Allan Holt Western Block
Roger Lagasse Progressive Canadian - ran for NDP leadership in 1989, finished with 2.2%
Daniel Veniez Liberal
John Weston Conservative - sitting MP since 2008

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maggie said...

Hi there,
Its Maggie Braun from the Canadian Action Party in the skeena Bulkley Vally Riding. Here is the link to my profile on the webpage, the one you have does not have any details, not your error, this one is directly for the election.

Thanks and in Solidarity