Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The full list of the 201 candidates running in BC

I am reasonably certain I have some typos and errors in this post, but it is what is done at the moment.   I am still tracking down the last few websites for candidates.

Edward Fast Conservative - sitting MP since 2006
David MacKay CPC ML

British Columbia - Southern Interior
Alex Atamanenko NDP - sitting MP since 2006
Byran Hunt Green
Stephen Hill Conservative
Shan Lavell Liberal

Burnaby - Douglas
Lewis Clarke Dahlby Libertarian
George Gidora Communist 
Ronald Leung Conservative
Ken Chang Low Liberal
Brian Sproule CPC ML

Burnaby - New Westminster
Gareth Evans Liberal
Paul Forseth Conservative - MP from 1993 - 2006
Peter Julian NDP - sitting since 2004
Carrie-Ann Mclaren Green
Tyler Pierce Libertarian
Joseph Theriault CPC ML

Cariboo - Prince George
Dick Harris Conservative - sitting MP since 1993
Heidi Redl Green
Jon Ronan Independent
Henry Thiessen Christian Heritage
Jordan Turner Rhino

Chilliwack - Fraser Canyon
Clive Edwards Western Block
Diane Janzen Liberal
Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell CPC ML
Marc Strahl Conservative

Delta - Richmond East
Alan Beesley Liberal
Kerry Lynne Findlay Conservative
Jeff Monds Libertarian
John Shavluk Independent 

Esquimalt - Juan de Fuca
Troy DeSouza Conservative
Louis James Lesosky Independent
Chris Porter Canadian Action Party - Party Leader
Lillian Szpak Liberal

Fleetwood - Port Kells
Pam Dhanoa Liberal
Nina Grewal Conservative - sitting MP since 2004
Alex Joehl Libertarian
Alan Saldanha Green - dropped by party and not running due to comments in the media, but name will be on the ballot

Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo
Christopher Kempling Christian Heritage
Cathy Mcleod Consservative - sitting MP since 2008
Murray Todd Liberal

Kelowna – Lake Country
Ron Cannan Conservative - sitting MP since 2006
Kris Stewart Liberal

Kootenay – Columbia
Brent Bush Independent - was the NDP candidate in 2004 and 2006
Bill Green Green
David Wilks Conservative

Piotr Majkowski NDP - he looks very young
Craig Nobbs Pirate
Mark Warawa Conservative - sitting MP since 2004

Nanaimo – Alberni
Barbara Biley CPC ML
James Lunny Conservative - sitting MP since 2000
Renee Miller Liberal
Jesse Schroeder Pirate
Frank Wagner Christian Heritage

Nanaimo – Cowichan
Jean Crowder NDP - sitting MP since 2004
Jack East CPC ML
Brian Fillmore Liberal
John Koury Conservative

New Westminster – Coquitlam
Diana Dilworth Conservative
Fin Donnelly NDP - sitting MP since 2010
Ken Lee Liberal
Roland Verrier CPC ML

Newton – North Delta
Suhk Dhaliwal Liberal - sitting MP since 2006
Mani Fallon Conservative
Ravi Gill Independent
Sam Hammond Communist
Liz Walker Green

North Vancouver
Nick Jones Independent
Andrew Saxton Conservative - sitting MP since 2008

Okanagan – Coquihalla
Dan Albas Conservative
John Kidder Liberal
Dietrich Wittel Independent

Okanagan – Shuswap
Greig Crockett Green
Janna Francis Liberal
Nikki Inouye NDP
Colin Mayes Conservative - sitting MP since 2006

Pitt Meadows – Maple Ridge – Mission
Randy Kamp Conservative - sitting MP since 2004
Peter Tam Green

Port Moody – Westwood – Port Coquitlam
Paul Geddes Libertarian
Kevin Kim Green
Stewart McGillivray Liberal
James Moore Conservative - sitting MP since 2000

Prince George – Peace River
Lois Boone NDP - BC NDP MLA 1986-2001
Jeremy Cote Pirate
Ben Levine Liberal
Bob Zimmer Conservative

Joe Peschisolido Liberal - MP from 2000 to 2004, elected as a Canadian Alliance MP
Alice Wong Conservative - sitting MP since 2008

Saanich – Gulf Islands
Gary Lunn Conservative - sitting MP since 1997
Elizabeth May Green - leader of the Green Party

Skeena – Bulkley Valley
Maggie Braun Canadian Action Party
Nathan Cullen NDP - sitting MP since 2004
Clay Harmon Conservative
Rod Taylor Christian Heritage
Kyle Warwick Liberal

South Surrey – White Rock – Cloverdale
Kevin Peter Donohoe Independent
David Hawkins Independent
Russ Hiebert Conservative - sitting MP since 2004
Aart Looye Independent
Brian Marlatt Progressive Canadian
Mike Schouten Christian Heritage
Hardy Staub Liberal

Surrey North
Norris Barens Libertarian
Dona Cadman Conservative - sitting MP since 2008
Kevin Pielak Christian Heritage
Jamie Scott Independent

Vancouver Centre
Adriane Carr Green - former BC Green leader
Jennifer Clarke Conservative
John Clarke Libertarian
Hedy Fry Liberal - sitting MP since 1993
Michael Huenefeld Progressive Canadian

Vancouver East
Roma Ahi Liberal
Libby Davies NDP - sitting MP since 1997
Anne Jamieson CPC ML
Irene Yatco Conservative

Vancouver Island North
Jason Draper Independent
John Duncan Conservative - sitting MP 1993-2006 and since 2008
Mike Holland Liberal
Frank Marton CPC ML
Sue Moen Green

Vancouver Kingsway
Kimbal Cariou Communist
Don Davies NDP - sitting MP since 2008
Matt Kadioglu Libertarian
Angie Nguyen Conservative
Donna Petersen CPC ML
Wendy Yuan Liberal

Vancouver Quadra
Deborah Meredith Conservative
Joyce Murray Liberal - sitting MP since 2008, BC Liberal MLA 2001-2005

Vancouver South
Charles Boylan CPC ML
Ujjal Dosanjh Liberal - sitting MP since 2006, BC NDP MLA 1991-2001, Premier 2000-2001
Wai Young Conservative

Patrick Hunt Conservative - Nova Scotia PC MLA 1978-1981
Denise Savoie NDP - sitting MP since 2006

West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country
Tunya Audain Libertarian
Carol Lee Chapman CPC ML
Doug Hartt Canadian Action Party
Allan Holt Western Block
Roger Lagasse Progressive Canadian - ran for NDP leadership in 1989, finished with 2.2%
Daniel Veniez Liberal
John Weston Conservative - sitting MP since 2008
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