Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ever wondered what a political poll looks like?

I am part of the Angus Reid online panel and get polls regularly.   For this one I was paid $1.50 to answer - you get a cheque when you reach $50 from taking surveys.   I think it is not a good idea to get people to answer for money, it I also think they should be screening out anyone active in politics from their survey.  I suspect their panels have way too many politically active people taking part in them.

I took screen shots of all of all of the questions, other than the first one. so people could see what is being asked and how.  Beyond asking how you plan on voting in May, they asked about waste incineration in Metro Vancouver, what you think of your local government, what you think is the best source of electrical power, and if government or industry should own power production.

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