Thursday, June 23, 2016

NDP ad from the 1986 provincial election

All I can say is that this awful ad was not the worst part of the 1986 NDP campaign

The NDP went into 1986 being the odds on favorites to win the election.   Bill Bennett was a spent political force and the province was still angry about restraint.   But then Expo 86 happened and was success, the Socreds changed leaders to the charasmatic Bill Vander Zalm.  Meanwhile the NDP managed to run a campaign that seemed to be designed to drive the public away.  

The ad above is just one example of the campaign.    Meanwhile the leader Bob Skelly had a disasterous press conference at the start of the campaign and never recovered.  

In this election I was an active volunteer for the BC NDP because I was a fan of Bob Skelly.  I joined the NDP to vote for him the leadership race.

From Wikipedia


PartyParty leader# of
SeatsPopular vote
1983Elected% Change#%% Change
Social CreditBill Vander Zalm693547+34.3%954,51649.32%-0.44%
New DemocraticBob Skelly692222-824,54442.60%-2.34%
LiberalArt Lee55---130,5056.74%+4.05%
Progressive ConservativeVacant[1]12---14,0740.73 %-0.43%
Green 9---4,6600.24%0.05%
    Libertas 1*-*1,5520.08%*
People's Front 8*-*1,5020.08%*
Communist 3---7220.03%-0.02%
Libertarian 3*-*3410.02%*
Western Canada ConceptDoug Christie1---3220.02%-0.84%
New Republic 1*-*2450.01%*
Source: Elections BC

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