Thursday, November 27, 2008

Opposition willing to risk another election!?!!??

And over what? The fact there is a government with the balls to cut off the political parties from getting taxpayer funding.

There is no place in Canada for tax dollars going towards political parties. It was a disgusting and crass move by the Liberals when they decided to reward political parties with tax dollars.

Funding of political parties is fundamentally undemocratic. No one asked me if I wanted my tax dollars going towards political parties I disagree with. We are not give public access to their books and internal workings, but we are expected to pay for them.

The fact the NDP, Liberals and Bloc want to keep stealing money for their personal political gain from the public horrifies me.

They should go further, no tax reciepts for donations and no donations from anyone that is not able to vote. If you can not vote in the election, you have no business taking part in any part of the election, especially not giving money.

Let an election come on this issue. Who is going to vote for backroom party bosses enriching themselves off taxes?

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