Monday, May 11, 2009

Some quit random notes on the election

In the Student Vote at Shoreline Middle School Maurine Karagianis of the NDP won with Jane Sterk of the Greens a close second. Liberal Carl Ratsoy can a distant third with only 17 votes - my son says the Liberals were hurt because no one from the party was there to answer questions. In the end he was one of the 17 Liberal voters because he could not vote for the NDP if they were going to so negative. They were his first choice. BC STV comfortably passed.

I will have a report from Esquimalt Secondary later today.

As to my prediction, I am changing it slightly, I am going with 55 Liberal and 30 NDP has a final number. I have about ten ridings that are really too close to call and I have bumped the incumbent holds.

I have made no prediction on the BC STV referendum because I do not want to think that it might lose. It would be a shame of we miss our chance to show all of Canada that there is a fairer and better way to elect our MLAs.

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