Monday, April 4, 2011

The "Ethnic" Vote

According to the 2006 census data, there are 52 ridings in Canada where more than 30% of the people identified themselves as a visibility minority - Chinese, Filipino, Black, South Asian, Korean, Arab etc....  This list does not include aboriginal people.

Of these 52 ridings, the Liberals won 34 , the Conservatives 11, and NDP 7.   Of the 24 with more than 50% the Liberals won 17, Conservatives 4 and NDP 3.

On the surface what I see is that this is where the Liberals are strongest and Conservatives the weakest.   This is not far off half of the Liberal caucus.

The ridings are located in Ontario with 35, BC with 11, Quebec with 5, Alberta 3 and Manitoba with 1.   The ones with more than 50% are 17 in Ontario and 7 in BC.

The Conservatives came second in 31 of these ridings.

If one looks at the ridings with more than 30% immigrants the result is even more stark, the Liberals won 44 of these 65 ridings.  This is 4/7s of their caucus.   In fact these ridings account for a surprisingly large amount of the Liberal vote in the last election.

Very few these ridings are in play in this election.

These ridings are very much the core of the Toronto and Vancouver regions.  A few are in Montreal and Calgary.

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