Monday, April 4, 2011

Some more analysis of ridings

I am looking through the census data to see if I can find some interesting results, here is what I can find at the moment.  I get all this wonderful data from Pundit's Guide.

Walking or Biking to Work and Transit
The NDP won 16 of their 37 seats among the 50 ridings with the highest percentage of people that walked or biked to work.  They came second in 8 more.   This means in almost half these ridings the NDP was first or second.   Conservatives won 15 of these, the Liberals 10 and Bloc 9.

When we look at the top 50 transit commuters, there is a dramatic difference.   Here the Liberals win 32, the NDP 9, Bloc 7, and Conservatives 2.

Driving to Work  
Conservatives won 26, the Bloc 20, NDP 2, Liberals 1 and Independent 1.  What surprises me is how well Bloc did in these ridings.   This census metric seems to follow quite closely to if a riding will vote Conservative or not.

Of the 181 with more than 75% driving to work, only 15 were won by the Liberals and 14 by the NDP. The Bloc won 34, which is large majority of their caucus.   117 of the 143 Conservatives come from these ridings

Of the 140 ridings with less than 4% unemployment at the time of the 2006 census, the Conservatives won 101, Bloc 23, Liberals 11, NDP 4, and Independent 1.   Low unemployment seems to once again be Conservative and Bloc country.

What I find interesting is that the last to metrics have a much strong co-relation than income.   When looking at all the incomes metrics, there is no obvious pattern I see
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