Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Smart Meters as a Human Rights Violation?

The BC Human Rights Tribunal has decided that there is a complaint that could be heard with respect to wireless smart meters though it is not entirely clear if there will be anyone that can meet the criteria.  The media is reporting it as a quasi win for the Citizens for Safe Technology but I think it is much less clear than that.

I think the complaint is people opposed to greening the power grid looking for any last straws to grasp to try and stop BC Hydro modernizing the grid.

The focus of the complaint is that Citizens for Safe Technology Society asked for wired smart meters to be provided by BC Hydro to people with a health diagnosis saying they should avoid wireless meters.  BC Hydro quite reasonably refused because the expense to provide wired smart meters for people that are suffering stress and blaming radio signals for it.  The BCHRT was deciding if there was a complaint to be heard.

Tribunal member Enid Marion decided that there could a complaint heard if the complaint met the following:
  1. The individual is a resident of British Columbia. 
  2. The individual resides in a residence and/or a residential complex that gets its electricity from Hydro. 
  3. The individual has been advised, in writing, by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all or part of Canada, to avoid, for  reasons of illness and/or disability, residing in a residence and/or residential complex at which a wireless smart meter device is operating. 
  4. The individual, on his/her own behalf or by way of a representative, has requested, as an accommodation, that Hydro refrain from installing and/or operating a wireless smart meter at the individual’s place of residence and/or residential complex 
  5. Within three weeks of making the request for accommodation, the individual has not received an unconditional written commitment from Hydro that it will refrain from installing and/or operating a wireless smart meter at the individual’s place of residence and/or residential complex. (“Defining Characteristics”) 
This is a reasonable set of criteria and ultimately the only aspect that really matter is the third and much of the decision talks about this.   Without a diagnosis nothing can happen.

From the ruling:

[34] Third, I accept that the complaint, with one exception, alleges various disabilities, including EHS. The exception is the reference to “unspecified medical conditions”. In my view, such an assertion is too vague to form the basis of a complaint.  
[35] I also agree with Citizens that it is not necessary, at this point in the proceeding, to provide medical proof of an alleged disability. Such evidence would be required in the context of an application to dismiss the complaint, a hearing on the merits of the complaint, or at the request of the Tribunal as a preliminary matter.

The ruling says the complaint is too broad.   The tribunal decision also does not decide if anyone meets the terms of being ill with some EHS or something similar or even if there is anything at all like EHS at all.

[56] First, I agree with Hydro that the complaint casts too broad a net. It is simply unmanageable to have a plethora of various medical conditions that must be proven and linked to the adverse treatment. The issues and evidence respecting whether the various conditions constitute a disability, whether there is a nexus between the disability and the adverse treatment, and if so whether Hydro either has proven a  bona fide  reasonable justification for the installation of wireless Smart Meters or reasonably accommodated the disability will be of differing complexity and focus, dependent on the nature of the alleged disability.  
[57] Second, while I accept that membership  in a class may be open-ended, the defining characteristics must be specific enough to clearly delineate membership. I agree with Hydro that, as currently framed, any person with a medical condition, diagnosed or undiagnosed, could conceivably fall within the class. Such broad membership means that that there will be divergent issues of fact and law among the members of the class, given the types of evidence and legal arguments  to be made in respect of each alleged disability, the impact (if any) of wireless Smart Meter technology on the disability and the form of resultant accommodation required, if any. 

[58] I also note in this regard that the disability, or particulars of the medical condition, must be specified. A vague and medically-unsubstantiated reference by a physician to avoid wireless technology is insufficient to constitute a disability. There must be a medical diagnosis, as well as a contraindication for exposure to such technology because of its effect on the medical condition.  

Clearly for someone to have a complaint the person has to be able to have a doctor's note with a diagnosis with a specific remedy of not being near any radio signals.  What this means is that any complaint will focus around the doctor's diagnosis and it will be a battle of experts.   Since all the science indicates that radio signals are not harmful to humans it will be effectively impossible to get a complaint accepted because of this hurdle.

A GP somewhere in BC diagnosing something that does not exist as an ailment is going to have really hard time justifying the diagnosis in any sort of formal tribunal setting.

Here is the ending of the decision:

[77] In summary, I have concluded that the complaint alleges a potential breach of the Code, Citizens is an appropriate representative, but that the class, as currently defined, is overly broad. 
[78] If Citizens wishes to amend its complaint to restrict the class to those persons allegedly diagnosed with EHS who have been advised to avoid wireless technology, then it must file such an amendment within 30 days of the date of this decision.  

[79] If it does so, then the Tribunal will schedule a pre-hearing conference call to discuss any issues arising out of the amendment, including whether to invite written submissions or, alternatively, hold a hearing on the discrete issue of whether or not EHS is a disability for the purposes of the Code.

What is also important here is this decision does not decide if EHS is actually a disability as described in the Human Rights Code.   That would have to proven first.

BC Hydro can now apply to have the complaint dismissed on the grounds there is no such thing as EHS.

One final thought on smart meters, who clearly suffers the most from the switch to the smart grid in BC?  Who loses the most money through that shift?   As far as I can tell the smart grid will cost the grow op business in BC a fortune of money.  Right now grow op operators can steal power to their heart's content without almost no danger of being caught, once the smart grid is in place power theft becomes very hard to do.   I have to wonder what involvement there is from the BC drug underworld in opposition to smart meters.


Anonymous said...

I noted that the criteria for inclusion mentioned that a doctor had to write a note recommending a patient not live in a residence with "smart meter" - they didn't specify wireless technology overall. It'll be interesting to see if we find any complainants fighting their smart meter while their neighbours are running wireless internet.

Anonymous said...

"BC Hydro can now apply to have the complaint dismissed on the grounds there is no such thing as EHS."

Not really. Such an assertion has no basis in scientific fact.
The science involved is electricity. The mechanism of harm Health Canada's Code admitted was "missing" for several decades is not longer "missing". It is good old fashioned electrical induction which is precipitated by low frequency electromagnetism.
It is against the law to electrically induce people for profit.
Additionally, every analog meter is the private property of the property owner but has been ILLEGALLY removed from every building & immediately destroyed faster than you can say "book burning".
Speaking of burning?
Meter fires: Two main reasons: Radiation frequencies enabled by the device interfere with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) sockets which then fail to trip in the event of an electrical problem, thus the potential for fires.
Second reason: "Meter" design defects may be why these throwaway devices have no CSA or UL approval other than self regulation by the manufacturer (& we all know how well self policing works)
This made in China device has terminal lugs which when plugged into the CSA and UL approved meter box or meter base sockets tend to corrode due to the RF frequencies enabled, which the device, the wiring & the grid not designed to withstand any more than we are.
Thermal resistance is then created by corrosion. Electrical arcing precipitated by corrosion eventually can ignite the main insulation wiring causing electrical shorts which can start fires.
Traditional analog meters are durable, mechanical, measure usage in real time, can be measured as well as understood & verified by the owner, operates a disc based on voltage activation, & is manufactured to much higher standards using higher quality valuable metal materials. The typical smart meter is not a meter. It does not measure real time usage. It is a cheap plastic computer which uses remotely reprogrammable. As with Diebold voting machines, the result is unverifiable, since the software is able to cover its own tracks using rewritable usage "estimation" programming, all in all a case of non transparent non real time non Weight & Measures law compliant designed obsolescence, intended to be replaced by newer generation of other plastic "meters" every three to five years at a minimum one to two billion dollars or more for each round. Currently there are at least five generations of these devices. Gen Five runs EVERYTHING.
Haste makes waste.
Rip & replace (w/ safe fibre optics) is already well in progress in Europe. We are next. All errors & all replacement will be billed to the customer shareholder. The Power Authority appears to be busy borrowing against our CPP. Hungry scrounging curs have already nearly reached the bottom of the corporate bail out pail meant to be perpetually refilled using our taxes.
Any questions about how recessions come about?

Anonymous said...

The smart grid itself is illegal. The attenuation coefficient of all components designed to eliminate frequency dead zones is instead causing biological dead zones. Smart grid frequencies far exceed even Canada's absurdly high safety limits, approximately 1000 times higher than Switzerland's or those of most any country in Western or Eastern Europe & many in Asia.
The science is in. Barry Trower designed these same ultra "low" frequencies as lethal weapons for military application. Ultra low frequencies are MEANT to intentionally cause lethal & less than lethal harm.
Hydro would be hard pressed to argue that ultra low weaponized frequencies are harmless.
Curtis Bennett, thermography, electricity & building technology expert witness, has testified to Canadian Parliament regarding readily visible, discernible & immediate heating effect from the core of the body outward caused by ultra low wireless microwave RF no different than those used by all components of the smart grid, all cell phones, all wifi, in short all wireless devices.
The weight of evidence for this fact has been submitted to the Standing Committee of the House of Commons by Mr Bennett as the top frequency thermographic expert in the world.
Isn't it past time to deny electrical science?
Cellular damage from radiation from nuclear power & nuclear "medicine" is no different than non ionizing radiation. The only difference is the speed at which biological DNA shreds and nerves and muscles depolarize.
This information is not simply a matter of academic opinion subject to 40+ years of corporate engendered delay tactics, just as used for asbestos, tobacco, urea formaldehyde & DDT, all of which Health Canada assured us were "safe".
The EHS harm for which recompense is sought by this group IS based on indisputable black & white science called electricity, known for its zero margin of error.
Electricity is NOT theoretical science. We need not reinvent the wheel here nor stoop to ad hominen attacks nor attempt to marginalize those who experience RF induced symptoms. Just as with X-rays and Cat scans, silent unfelt invisible radiation frequencies still do damage to everyone, even when they do not "feel" discernible side effects.
This is indeed an established medical condition according to all military medical documents. In Toronto this condition is routinely treated at Women's College Hospital. There are already people in Canada on EHS disability. In one of the first countries to embrace wireless indiscriminately there are 250,000 EHS refugees in Sweden who are denied access to human society and must live entirely off grid.
These same low frequencies are illegal in Canada under Safety Code Six: "The unintentional stimulation of tissue is to be avoided:"

Anonymous said...

Professor Andrew Michrowski has already testified in more than one successful court case in eastern Canada. As expert witness he has attested to indisputable evidence of rapidly accelerated deterioration of metal components such as pipes in nuclear power plants & structural metal in all buildings. The metal corrosion used as evidence indicated 20 years worth of corrosion has occurred in a 2 month period, due to these same wireless frequencies.
Biological impact: Neither humans, nor wildlife, nor structures are designed to withstand this level of frequency conflict load created by the totally illegal attenuation coefficient (cumulative load) of all components of the grid which encircle every home & office. Each Medusa meter collector covertly installed on one of every 22 homes covers 125 sq. miles. Each smart "meter" covers 21 square miles. Each router covers 5 square miles. This insane level of microwave biological smart killing fields gives new meaning to the expression "We've got you covered". One in every two homes has a mini cell tower called a MEDUSA, able to induce thermographically discernible cognitive impairment, neurological compromise induced by overlapping frequency fields.
Additionally, under National & BC Building Code Section Four , the frequency blast zone imposed by smart grid & wifi frequencies separate building contacts and compromise building specs due to accelerated EMF induced molecular vibration, thereby compromising specs, nullifying structural contacts & destroying firewall separations, all of which is illegal and capable of voiding occupancy permits.
Under the Canadian Electrical Code these frequencies create harmonics which exceed laws, induced by smart grid frequencies throughout the entire power transmission system. Illegal frequencies are travelling right though every service panel circuit box & couple to unshielded house wiring as well as coupling to and converting into involuntary conductors all biological systems, all nerve switches, grabbed by smart grid the smart grid frequencies and trapped in the smart circuit.
Further the static generated by these frequencies is capable of creating energetic force able to lead to spontaneous fireballs resulting from the standing wave phenomenon known since WWII to result from static build up.
All cell & smart towers are in violation of SC6, compliance with which is a prerequisite for licensing.

From the expert, Michrowski:
For your information:

We have been able to trace and observe the phenomenon of heating-at-a-distance (an occasional destruction of equipment) from radio-frequency emitters in several instances throughout Quebec and Ontario in our surveys, and even in our headquarters

Not only SMART meters can be involved in "small fires" but the collapse of any radio-frequency / microwave "standing wave" phenomenon - especially from a fixed emitter, such as routers, transmitters, etc., whereby charges collect on a surface at some distance away, for example, associated with window & door frames, gutters, studs, and are suddenly released in a direction with considerable energetics - sometimes like fireballs. This phenomenon has been well studied since WWII by some of world's top radio physics scientists.

Some engineered aspects of the process involved were even applied in the first coils of Nikola Tesla's Colorado Springs experiments in 1899, where mega volt sparks were directed with radio frequencies, leading to ray control mechanisms in directed energy weaponry by the scientist in the 1930s and 1940, and, by review and pickup, in the current "star wars" technology.

Silberg, P. A.. Journal of Applied Physics. 32:30, 1961; and by same author in: Review of ball lightning: standing wave model p. 441-54. Also: Loeb, L.B. Fundamental processes of electrical discharges in gases. Wiley, New York. 1947. 541p.