Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Campaign by members to get Coast Capital to listen to them

This came into my email box today from Nick Loenen in Richmond.  I am not a member of Coast Capital but I like to support member activism in the coop world.

Good Afternoon:

If you are a member of Coast Capital Savings this is for you. If not, sorry!

Last year, the membership voted 80% to curtail what has become the highest pay for Credit Union Directors in Canada.

The Board response has been disgraceful.

Next spring the membership will consider four Resolutions to take back our credit union.

However, it takes 300 signatures.

If you want to help, sign up at http://coastcapitalcompensationwatch.com/

Thank you for caring.


PS please forward to anyone you know to be a member.

Nick Loenen
5611 Jaskow Dr., Richmond, BC V7E 5W4

Coast Capital Savings is one of the larger credit unions in BC.  It was formed through several mergers, first Pacific Coast Savings and Richmond Savings in 2000 and then with Surrey Metro Savings.   Of it's 56 branches, the majority are still in three areas.   It has 13 branches in Victoria, 10 in Richmond and 12 in the Surrey area.

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